The X-Dream Beauty-Team

Julia Aldrian

Certified eyelash expert and trainer

Through my many years of practice and advanced training courses in Moscow, Kiev, Slovenia and Graz, I have developed a special application method.


This guarantees long durability and maximum fullness of your eyelashes.


In 2015, I also developed my own X-Dream Beauty brand and put all products around eyelashes on the market.


Creating the most beautiful eyelashes for my customers is my passion and motivation ... because the eyes are the mirror to the soul!


My previous education:




2012 Master’s in ecology, Yalta/Russia


2012 Sales and Management at UNI Life Graz


2013 Training as a qualified eyelash expert/Gaube Academy



2013 Perfection Course Russian Volume Technique

          Slovenia/AS-Lashes Alona Skodic


2014 Further perfection training Russian volume technique in Moscow/Studio Indigo


2014 Training as microblading expert at

          Gaube Academy, plus medical seminar


2014 Advanced training as microblading expert at

           Branko Babic in Vienna/Phibrow Center


2015 Three-day seminar with Bodo Schäffer and J. Höller

            in Schweinfurt


2016 Further perfection training in Yalta/Russia


2017 Day training makeup artist


2017 Perfection Course for Microblading at Branko

            Babic in Vienna/Phibrow center


2018 Perfection Course Russian Volume Technique in Yalta/Russia


 2019 Perfection class at Women Style Academy with Hajnalka Simon-Lendvai in Vienna



Tina Gligoric

Certified eyelash stylist

I discovered my passion for beauty very early on. After gaining five years’ experience as a nail designer and four years’ experience in visagistics in Graz, I decided to become active in the beauty industry.


That's why I completed my training and education as a qualified beautician last year. In May 2018, I completed my eyelash stylist training at X-Dream Beauty and am now working as a support in this great eyelash-lifting studio.



Whether my customers are looking for a natural look or mega volume, I can handle both looks and I'm always happy to bring a smile to their face.

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Bianca Lauer

Certified eyelash stylist


My interest in beauty care and cosmetics has always been there. I did my eyelash stylist training with Julia and have been able to enrich her team ever since.


In addition to my work as an eyelash stylist, I also offer to apply makeup for various occasions and to provide advice in this regard.


Whether in the studio or at various events, as a trained make-up artist I am passionate at all times and in all locations.



I am always happy to bring a smile to my customer’s face and to prepare for you a stunning look! 



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