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We are your expert for eyelash extensions using the renowned Russian volume technique and a training center for aspiring eyelash stylists, advanced stylists and microblading artists.

In order to guarantee permanent eyelash extensions, this should be done by a certified eyelash expert. Our motivated team is always available to find the perfect eyelash look for you.

Since our foundation in 2015, we have made over 2,000 customers happy. We also offer constant training and further education for eyelash stylists or studios.

Look no further, we’re already there!

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Julia Aldrian

Graduated eyelash expert and trainer

Through my many years of practical experience and advanced training courses in Moscow, Kiev, Slovenia and Graz, I have developed a special application method.

This guarantees a long life and maximum fullness of your eyelashes.

In 2015 I also developed my own brand X-Dream Beauty and launched all products related to eyelashes.

The most beautiful eyelashes for my customers is my passion and motivation … because the eyes are the mirror to the soul!

My previous trainings:

• Master in Yalta / Russia, in ecology

• Sales and management at UNI Life Graz

• Training for dipl. Eyelash Expert / Gaube Academy

• Perfection course Russian volume technique Slovenia / AS-Lashes Alona Skodic (championship and juror)

• Further perfection training Russian volume technique in Moscow / Akademie Indigo (Champion 2013 – 1st place in Moscow in the Russian Volume competition)

• Training as a microblading expert at Gaube Akademie, plus medical seminar

• Further training to become a microblading expert at Branko Babic in Vienna / Phibrow Center

• 3 day seminar with Bodo Schäffer and J. Höller in Schweinfurt

• Opening of the X-Dream Beauty training center

• Further perfection training in Yalta / Russia

• Day training make-up artist

• Microblading perfection course at Branko Babic in Vienna / Phibrow Center with Vesna Jugovich

• Russian volume technique perfection course in Yalta / Russia

• Training with Henna Brow, Lash Brow with Irina Lewchuk

• Perfection course at the Women Style Academy with Hajnalka Simon-Lendvai in Vienna

• Opening of the second studio X-Dream Beauty in the Shopping City Seiersberg in Graz

• JUROR Vienna Championship “THE GAMES OF TRONE OF BEAUTY” 17 to 18 May 2019 ”

• Training in Lash Lifting Botox at My Lamination

• Training for trainers  for microblading with 5 years of experience

• Juror in Bratislava (October 26-27) – X-Dream Beauty – employee took 1st place

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