• Important for us: quality over quantity.

• You do not want to spend tons of money to get a nice result? Then you are exactly right choosing us.

• Our eyelashes last up to 5 weeks.

• Special adhesive: made in Germany, no carcinogenic ingredients and perfect for allergy sufferers.

• We are happy to offer a glue test to show you how it reacts on your eyelashes.

• Our glue dries at record speed, so we guarantee a longer shelf life.

• In the aftercare, the old eyelashes are separated and replaced by completely new.

• After 4 – 5 weeks you get a complete new set at an unbeatable price.

• We guarantee a shelf life of up to 3 weeks with our Express-Set (duration of treatment: 1.5 hours)

• We offer a 2 hour treatment for the best price of 79.- €.

Dates only via deposit

To prevent possible deadlines, we ask for a deposit of 40.- €

We sincerely ask for your understanding, as it represents a major hurdle for us in such a short time to push other customers in this appointment.