We offer our gold partners a reliable product quality, best delivery capability, low prices, a top assortment and a fast delivery.

We still offer that:

product training
Eyelash training (as needed)
Support in sales and marketing

In summary: An exclusive product portfolio that you can use to delight your customers.

Benefit from threefold expertise and become you X-Dream Gold-Partner!

You can resell our products – through your studio and online.

Very easily:

At 40% there are from 3.000.- € (net) per order
At 50% there are from 5,000.- € (net) per order
When reaching 15,000.- € (net) total orders in the calendar year, there is a VOUCHER over 1,500.- € extra to redeem, next year!

Questions directly to me: +43 – 676 92 62 205 (Julia Aldrian)